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You say Animal Testing legislation is currently complex and confusing – why?

Rules on animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients are a confusing patchwork. Legislation differs around the world, with some countries banning cosmetics that have been animal-tested after a certain date (e.g. the EU), others outlawing animal testing for cosmetics products and ingredients (e.g. New Zealand), others ruling out animal testing for some, but not all, cosmetics products and ingredients (e.g. South Korea, Taiwan), and some banning only certain tests (e.g. Vietnam). [Refer to Question 10 for map of countries and further explanation]

More and more countries require non-animal safety tests and many have taken steps to prohibit cosmetics testing on animals, but more work needs to be done to harmonise the rules. Because most countries around the world would still allow animal testing for cosmetics, a global ban is the only way to eliminate animal suffering and to create an international level playing field.

Harmonising safety testing requirements globally would allow companies to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and test duplication when accessing international markets to fill the consumer demand for safe and humane cosmetics.

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