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Why doesn’t The Body Shop fund alternatives to animal testing like Lush does?

The Body Shop is a campaigning brand and we have always campaigned to end animal testing for cosmetics. We have a history of campaigning that goes back to the 1980s. We were the first global beauty brand to campaign against animal testing in our industry.

There are already a number of much more effective and reliable non-animal tests that are sufficient for cosmetic use now. The cosmetics industry in Europe – where animal testing is banned - has continued to grow and is worth more than EUR 70 billion, which is over one third of the global market for cosmetics (more than the US and Japan combined). The EU ban has also spurred on innovation, R&D and the development of non-animal tests. One example of alternatives to animal testing is Episkin. Alternatives like this give us the ability to campaign pragmatically to ban animal testing.

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