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Why is your new campaign calling for a UN convention; what will that do? /Will a UN convention really create a global ban?

We believe the best and only way of achieving a harmonised global ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients is through an international convention that every country signs up to.

Together with Cruelty Free International we are asking the UN General Assembly to pass an international convention that will ban animal testing everywhere and forever. By creating international action at this level we will also be demonstrating the fact that the public believes the time to end animal testing for cosmetics is long gone and that the practice should stop everywhere and forever.

In summary, to finally place a global ban on the statute books, that ends animal testing in cosmetics everywhere and forever, we are aiming for an enforceable international multilateral treaty. We will be working to secure the support of as many countries as possible to sign up to the treaty, starting the process at the United Nations General Assembly by presenting a global petition and influencing member countries to table and back a resolution.A harmonised global ban would bring to a close decades of animal suffering, would create a level playing field for companies across the world and would mean that testing could not be moved from country to country.

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