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Do The Body Shop and L’Oréal have different positions on animal testing in cosmetics?

Both The Body Shop and L’Oréal share the ultimate ambition to eradicate animal testing, however, we approach the issue in different ways.

The Body Shop campaigns and mobilizes popular support while L'Oréal invests millions in research to find alternatives.

Since The Body Shop acquisition, L’Oréal has invested even more in alternative tests with the inauguration of the world’s first Evaluation Center fully dedicated to alternative testing, many patents resulting from Episkin (artificial skin) and a significant donation in 2012 to support research into alternative tests in the US. A number of important milestones have been achieved since 2006:

  • The first full skin model containing skin immune cells
  • The first epidermis model with varying regenerative potential developed from its work on skin stem cells
  • The first full pigmented skin model
  • The first reconstructed skin models in Asia

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