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Can I use my Love Your Body™ card on The Body Shop Website?

Our Love Your Body™ customers can use their Love Your Body™ card online to receive their 10% loyalty discount. All you need to do is link your card to your online account. Registered Users If you're already registered at with a username and password, visit "My Account". Add your new Love Your Body™ card number in the field under the "Love Your Body Club Information" heading.

Once you've added your Love Your Body™ membership number, you won't have to enter your card number again. We will automatically apply your membership discount from this point. Non-Registered Users If you're not registered at, create an account by clicking the 'Register' button near the upper right of each page. Fill out the registration information which includes an area to enter your Love Your Body™ Card Number.

Once you've added your Love Your Body™ Card Number, you won't have to enter your card number in again. You'll now start receiving your 10% discount on all purchases for one year. You'll receive an additional discount of 10% with your rewards card unless otherwise stated. Have a look at the terms and conditions of the Love Your Body™ Club. For more information about our current offers please have a look at our general terms and conditions.

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