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Why does The Body Shop claim to be 100% Vegetarian but not Vegan?

At The Body Shop, we use cruelty-free honey, beeswax, shellac and lanolin in some of our products, so we can’t state that these products are vegan. We are proud to say that no animal has been harmed in the harvesting of these materials!

More than half of our products are vegan. A list is available on request. We source our cruelty-free Community Trade honey through our partners in Ethiopia and our beeswax from our partners in Cameroon. In these communities, the beekeepers are fondly known as “bee whisperers” because they use traditional, natural ways of working with the bees. They work in harmony with them to harvest the honey and beeswax, ensuring no bees are harmed or disturbed in the process.

Like us, our supplier groups are committed to improving the livelihood of beekeeping communities in a sustainable way. They recognise the importance of preserving the forest to support the growth of bee population and help protect the future of their income. We work with partners who help protect the forest, and we are proud of the positive impact to biodiversity and to local communities that this sourcing brings. We are proud to enrich our products with these honey and beeswax and will continue to do so in the future.

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